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The WELS/ELS Christian Therapist Network is envisioned as an association of therapists who are members of congregations belonging to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) or the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS).

    What is the purpose of the WELS/ELS Christian Therapist Network?
    • to provide a network for professionally trained therapists in fellowship with the WELS or ELS,
    • to encourage continued growth in the Word of God,
    • to enhance the delivery of quality, Bible-based, Christ-centered therapy to members of the WELS and ELS,
    • to enhance the delivery of quality evidenced-based therapy to members of the WELS and ELS,
    • to provide a nationwide referral source for congregations and called workers of the WELS or ELS, and
    • to assist individuals to find professionally trained, Christian therapists in their local area.
    Read more in the group's Constitution.
    What are the objectives of the network?
    • promote opportunities for personal growth in the Word of God,
    • develop programs for referral, 
    • assist WELS/ELS called workers to network with mental health professionals,
    • develop and promote professional continuing education in biblical counseling, and
    • develop a structure to encourage each other in our service and ministry to God’s people in need.
    What tactics will be used to facilitate the network?
    • publish a list of all therapist members, 
    • organize a yearly convention,
    • offer an online course in biblical counseling entitled Guide Me with Your Counsel,
    • become a clearinghouse of resources,
    • provide biblical devotional material for personal growth of member therapists, and
    • provide confidential means for member therapists to encourage and consult with each other.
    How can I get more information?
  • For more information about the WELS/ELS Christian Therapist Network or to enroll in the CEU—Guide Me With Your Counsel, please contact:
    The WELS/ELS Christian Therapist Network
    c/o WELS Commission on Special Ministries
    N16W23377 Stone Ridge Drive  
    Waukesha, WI 53188