Online Course
    Acting on Hope course registration
  • Acting on Hope is an online course in Bible-based counseling that is designed to increase your knowledge of the Word of God for your own personal growth and for use in your counseling.
    At the completion of this course:
    • you will have developed new skills to help your clients apply the truths of God’s Word to their life and situation,
    • you will have a better understanding of the rich source of counseling help that is found in God’s Word, and
    • you will have grown in your understanding of the following biblical doctrines as they pertain to Bible-based counseling:
      • Law and Gospel
      • Justification and Sanctification
      • Church, Mission, and Ministry
      • Repentance
      • Forgiveness
    Enrolling in the Class
    To enroll in the class that begins on June 1, please follow these steps below before June 1, 2018:

    There are two parts to the registration. You are responsible to complete both parts.

    Part 1: Register with Martin Luther College online by using this link:

    Part 2: Complete and e-mail this fillable registration form to Alan Siggelkow. To complete the form, open it and save it with a new name to your desktop. After filling it out, save your changes, then e-mail it to

    Course Fee
    • $310.00 tuition - payable to Martin Luther College
    • Counselors employed by WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions will have their tuition fee paid by the agency
    Course Information
    Please click here for full course information.